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"Remember My Name" Black History 365 Next Generation (DIGITAL)

"Remember My Name" Black History 365 Next Generation (DIGITAL)

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Perkins Youth Council, supported by USI Baltimore, has penned a book of short stories aiming to change the narrative surrounding Baltimore's youth.

Released during Black History Month 2023, members of the Perkins Youth Council wants to change the way Baltimore youth are perceived through their collection of short stories. 


If you missed it, check out the news links provided below and consider donating to support these amazing young people as they change the narrative!

  1. Nonprofit hopes to change narrative of how Baltimore youth are portrayed
  2. Local nonprofit aims to change the city's narrative by helping Baltimore's youth tell their stories - CBS News

To learn more about USI Baltimore, visit their website: Perkins Homes, Baltimore - Urban Strategies Inc

To donate: USI Baltimore Youth Council | Mightycause

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